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Tinder Claims It No Longer Employs Score To Rank Users

Tinder Claims It No Longer Employs Score To Rank Users

Tinder needs to set straight the record about how its service shows and ranks users possible matches. Hence it posted a blog post on the matter—but still kept things quite vague. The firm’s Elo score was a “hot subject” a few years back, as per the post, but the ranking function has now been criticized.

The concept behind the Elo score was that the firm would rank users by good looks. Elo scores are employed to rank chess players, as well, but in reference to Tinder, the more users that Liked (or swiped right) a user’s profile, the higher their allocated score increased. Their card might then be served to other users with an analogous score, thus keeping the most attractive users interacting with each other. On the platform, where profiles are comparatively restricted in scope, a user’s looks often power much of the craving to match, so users rumored that these scores kept good looking users talking to each other and left unattractive users to flounder with a low ranking.

On a related note, Grindr and Tinder earlier were about to encounter close inspection over their age rules. The Jeremy Wright (Secretary of State for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport in UK) earlier aimed to ask the dating app behemoths about their safety systems and age verification after a media report disclosed dozens of cases of exploitation and sexual assault in opposition to kids who managed to enroll for the application, comprising more than 30 cases of rape.

He needed to know what equipments Grindr and Tinder had in place to “keep kids safe from danger,” and promised “additional action” if the dating services did not offer appropriate answers. The two firms claimed they already employ a mix of human and automated oversight to keep underage users off their applications.

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