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Alzheimer’s Patients, Families Upset As Trial Fails

Alzheimer's Patients, Families Upset As Trial Fails

For the last three years, Jeff Borghoff was a part of a trial treatment of a new drug being developed to slow down the onset of Alzheimer’s disease. However, in a recent tragic turn of events, the trials of this drug called aducanumab have been called off by its manufacturing company. For the last three years, Borghoff received treatment at New Jersey’s Institute of Advanced Research of Memory. He would also post pictures online in order to encourage other patient suffering from Alzheimer’s to enroll into such clinical trials.

Borghoff and his spouse, Kim had considered the treatment to be working, before they received the news of the entire process being called off from one of Borghoff’s friends having enrolled in a similar aducanumab trial. Borghoff, himself, had been diagnosed with the disease at the age of 51 years. He’s currently 54.

The companies who were developing aducanumab, namely Biogen and Eisai, recently announced that they have halted a couple of the experimental drug’s trials related to late-stage of the disease. This came in the wake of an analysis conducted by an independent group. This analysis found the trials to have very low chances of meeting the desired primary endpoint.

This marks the Cambridge-based biotech big shot being another addition to the list of firms who have been unsuccessful in finding a cure for Alzheimer’s in these last ten years. Alzheimer’s is a debilitating and progressive disease which affects the behavior, thinking and memory of a person.

Eisai and Biogen have suffered a market value loss worth several billion. As per the community of scientists, this announcement was a major setback, especially after having spent billions for research and development of possible treatments that has yielded almost no fruitful result. Patients, as well as families of those suffering from the disease had high hopes from the drug and were left brokenhearted at the sudden announcement.

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