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Social Media Platforms Struggle To Delete Gory Shooting Videos

Social Media Platforms Struggle To Delete Gory Shooting Videos

The social media platforms Facebook, Twitter and YouTube have landed in trouble after a shooter live streamed the video of a mosque attack in New Zealand which left 49 people dead. Although the tech giants have removed the account of the shooter and the original video, people said they found versions of the killings even hours after the incident took place.

Twitter said that this has violated their policies and that they have removed the original video as well suspended the account of the shooter, however they are still working on to find out the copies of the same which have been posted on other accounts. A twitter spokesperson expressed his condolences on the tragic incident and said that they have strong dedicated teams to handle situations like this and that they were always ready to cooperate with the law for any investigations.

Facebook’s New Zealand office reported that they removed the video as well as the shooter’s Instagram and Facebook accounts immediately after the police had warned them of the incident’s live streaming. They also said that they are working with the New Zealand police on finding any comments supporting or praising the incident or the shooter. Facebook has created an internal database to add videos like these which violate their policies so that they can automatically detect and remove the copies of such videos as and when they are uploaded. Facebook had been in trouble earlier also after a series of suicides were live streamed on it.  As an action against this, they have added special extra features to enable them to identify videos with suicide thoughts expressed.

The video was also seen on a Reddit forum and people have been commenting on the images posted. However the forum was soon banned and they said that it violated its policies against glorifying violence. The video has been removed after the New Zealand police requested them. A Reddit spokesperson said that they are staying vigilant to remove any post containing links to the videos as per their site policies.

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