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Twitter Makes Its Experimental Beta Testing App Accessible For Users

Twitter Makes Its Experimental Beta Testing App Accessible For Users

Twitter has presently decided on taking a new of testing thoroughly the latest conversation features that have been made public. The new conversation features named Twttr has been launched by the social media service. This new feature is however just a trial version let out to check if the adopters like the prototype of the new Twitter features. The first step is the conversation testing so as to display to the users the threads used in the form of a chat-like interface with a particular color-coded pattern and indentation. The company has declared that this experimental version is used to check the changes like pinning of introductory tweets or unique ideas for status updating.

It has been made clear that all can apply for the Prototype Program now but the chances of everyone getting it is very less as there is a certain limitation in the number of the trial apps released. Right now, the social media service only plans to invite approximately 2000 Japanese and English speakers at the moment and it has been seen that it is supported only by the iOS so far. One of the advantages is that users can share their experiences. Thus, if Twitter makes any big changes then it can be easier to spot when compared with the previous app version.

Even though the company is definite that not a huge number will adopt it but at least a small number will. Twitter rarely tries implementing any changes and even though it does it does not reach up to the public. But it is for the first time that the company has decided on officially disclosing its idea of making major changes before reaching the beta stage. The Twttr app will give everybody the idea about the changes necessarily going to take place and also will offer a detailed insight into Twitter’s features. Twitter has recently rolled out its newly redesigned feature that is the camera that will allow one to add in captured photos, videos, and live footage followed by connecting them to global conversations.

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