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UK MP Says FB May Use ‘Privacy’ Move To Shrug Responsibility

UK MP Says FB May Use 'Privacy' Move To Shrug Responsibility

In a recent press event, MP of the United Kingdom said that the Facebook statements on the privacy issues should have to be consistent. Back on March 6, 2019, the CEO of Facebook published a post in regard to future privacy. The post covered the topic regarding sophisticated measures like encrypted messaging.

Contrary to Mark Zuckerberg’s statement, Damian Collins stated that Mark’s statement is a big excuse to hide millions of fake accounts which have been created by unsocial elements to steal private information of the people. Previously, Mr. Collins lead an investigation against Facebook for spreading misinformation and fake news among the users. The committee lead by Mr. Collins had also accused Facebook of violating the privacy laws of the United Kingdom.

While addressing the press, CEO of Facebook said that the company has made several radical changes in its privacy settings which will help people to stay safe on the social platform. At present, the government of the UK is thoroughly scrutinizing Facebook in relation to the Cambridge Analytica scandal where several people had lost their exclusive data. Due to that scandal, Mark Zuckerberg had to face high criticism from around the world.

Not only the UK but several other countries are strictly monitoring Facebook. Germany has started a watchdog program against Facebook, while France is imposing a tax of 3% on big companies which are on the internet.

German watchdog told the press that due to the impeccable measures taken, Facebook won’t be able to hack on the exclusive data from its user’s Instagram as well as WhatsApp accounts. Some of the experts further questioned the move of Facebook in which it is planning to integrate several messaging functions. Experts further told to one of the news reporting channels that Facebook’s present endeavor could complicate things for it.

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