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Archive of 30 Million Pages on the Achievements of Humanity Goes To Moon

The Beresheet lunar lander from Israel is presently headed towards Moon. It contains a huge archive that clearly documents the achievements of humanity. The accumulation of pictures, texts as well as symbols happens to be the first part of a project that intends to build up a Lunar Library. This also forms a part of a much bigger thrust towards creating an archive on Earth, which would be totally space-based in nature.

As per the Arch Mission Foundation, this library has 30 million pages related to human history. It covers quite a wide variety of subjects, languages and period of time. These are all stored on an archive, which is sized like a DVD. The Arch Mission Foundation had earlier provided a document of 84 pages, wherein the categories of subjects were there in the time capsule. The categories that got included over there were mathematics, aerospace, humour, women’s studies, and criminology. The initial four layers contain more than 60,000 analog pictures of pages of different books, illustrations as well as documents.

The Arch Mission Foundation has clarified that they are only making an announcement of some content, which is there in the library at this moment. This is because of the different partnerships that they have managed to forge. They have further gone on to say that they will reveal more content. A number of discs will be sent across to the Moon in the years to come. This Israeli Beresheet lander had been launched by a Falcon 9 rocket from SpaceX. It could reach the Moon’s surface by 11th April. The lander as well their time capsule would stay back on the Moon for an indefinite period of time. Space programs of different countries have always had their eyes on the Moon.

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