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NASA Is Ready With Fresh Studies on the Health Risks in Space

Three years have gone by since Scott Kelly, the NASA Astronaut had returned from spending almost a year in orbit. Still, the researchers are carrying out studies over the data, which was gathered during quite an unprecedented study by comparing his health with that of his twin brother on Earth. The researchers feel that the comparison has not raised any kind of flag with regard to the spaceflight for a long-term basis on the International Space Station. The Director of NASA’s Space Life and Physical Sciences Research and Applications Division, Craig Kundrot said that as a whole, it is quite encouraging.

Whatever be the case, still the studies have managed to raise questions regarding the possible impact. The impact that it has on its exposure to weightlessness and radiation in space at the time of carrying out longer missions to the red planet, Mars as well as Moon. Christopher Mason is a research analyst at Weill Cornell Medicine. He serves as the prime investigator for study related to Twins. Mason said that there are mostly green flags along with few things, almost similar to yellow flags. Further, he along with other researchers had said that yellow flags have a hyperactive response on the immune system.

The findings from the Twins Study in a detailed manner would be out soon, in a series of papers, which are peer-reviewed. In between all these, NASA is planning out a fresh set of studies that focus on exactly how organisms adapt to the deep-space environment. There would be four biological experiments, which will get packed on board the Orion Capsule of NASA and sent way beyond the moon’s orbit at the time of a test flight for three weeks, presently scheduled for the next year 2020.

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