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Findings from the Lowest Part of Blue Hole of Belize

A team of scientists, which include the billionaire from Virgin, Richard Branson, have come back from an absolutely ground-breaking mission right at the bottom of the Great Blue Hole with some truly exciting findings. The Great Blue Hole happens to be the largest sinkhole in the world, which measures 300 meters across and around 125 meters in depth. The team even included Fabien Cousteau. He is the grandson of underwater explorer, Jacques Cousteau. Jacques Cousteau had put the Blue Hole on the map way back in 1971. The group had started off their mission in the month of December 2018. They were determined to reveal the secrets right at the bottom of the Blue Hole.

The study was carried out through making use of two submarines. The whole expedition managed to capture fresh pictures as well as footage inside the Black Hole. They had also created the first 3D of the Blue Hole’s interior. The Chief Pilot, Oceanographer and Operations Manager, Erika Bergman said that they had completed their 360 sonar map and now, that particular map is more or less complete. According to Erika, it gives out a cool look, has a mesh layer, sonar scan of the full hole that is thousand foot in diameter. Bergman even said that one of the very exciting findings was the stalactites, which were never seen before, only around 407 feet into the hole. For all of them, it was really exciting as none of these were mapped ever before.

The whole team was even satisfied by the fact that they could see the Blue Hole managed to be quite free from kinds of trash. There were only two or three small pieces of plastic, otherwise, the view was clear. Burgman even said there is a minimal impact from the humans.

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