Thursday, June 4, 2020
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India and China Make Earth Greener by Planting Trees and Agriculture

The world is indeed getting greener as time progresses. This is what a doctoral student in the Department of Earth and Environment at Boston University, Chin Chen feels. The student has been going through a lot of data day after day that had got collected by a NASA camera, which was taking an orbit, thus monitoring green vegetation on the surface of the Earth. During this week, Chen along with his colleagues have published a brand new study. It shows the exact amount of Earth’s land surface covered by green leaves, have seen an increase between the years 2000 and 2017.

The extent by which the greenery is getting spread at a global level happens to be definitely a lot more than it was measured previously by making use of other instruments of less precise nature. What is more interesting, is the fact that Chin Chen had managed to be specific about the causes that led to the increase or decrease of leaf cover in certain areas. There are places where changes in leaf cover have seemed to result from changes in weather and climate. The season of growth is getting lengthier in some temperate zones and the increasing levels of carbon dioxide might be producing bigger plants carrying more leaves. The most significant changes happened to be the result of decisions taken by human beings living in India and China. Both countries have managed to become much greener.

According to a geographer at the University of Maryland, Molly Brown, India’s greenery happens to be out of a massive expansion of irrigated agriculture. On the other hand, around half of the fresh leaf cover seems to come out of a huge effort put in towards reforestation. The attempt has been sponsored by the Government.

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