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Recent Google Chrome Beta for Android Contains Dark Mode to Experiment

2019 has been regarded as the year for the dark mode. Now, this has been proved further with the latest Chrome 73 beta from Google for Android. It has revealed through an early insight at the mobile browser’s forthcoming viewing option, which is night-friendly. Reports suggest that, with plans already revealed to bring forth night mode to their macOS and Windows 10 browsers, the test on Android is still in their early stages. Now, it only appears in the pop-up options in the menu when the Night Mode of Android 9 Pie gets set at Always On in Developer Options.

The images, which have surfaced, clearly show that the experimental dark mode turns the pop-up menus to dark gray color, rather than their usual design of full white. Now, keeping these images in mind, it is quite clear that Chrome for the dark mode of Android has got a long way to go. The text in the URL is still going on to display in black. Thus, it makes things really hard for people to read against the background of a dark gray color. This particular dark mode of Chrome is not present in the remainder of the app.

Now, in case a proper dark mode for the Android browser of Google does go ahead, then it is expected that their regular menus along with the address bar and navigation section would also receive the night mode version. In order to carry out the test for the experimental dark mode by oneself, he or she can download the Chrome Beta App’s recent version from the Google Play Store right now. The only requirement for downloading the app is that people would need a handset, which runs Android 9 Pie for it to work out.

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