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Microsoft Suggests People to Do Away With Internet Explorer

This year, a cyber-security specialist of Microsoft has issued a warning to fans of Internet Explorer that it is time to switch over to a brand new browser. The specialist has stated the reason behind this call. The users of Internet Explorer are missing out on a number of experiences, which the internet has on offer but unfortunately, they are not tailored to the browser. The specialist from Microsoft known by the name of Chris Jackson has specified the details in a post known as, the perils of using Internet Explorer as your default browser.

Chris Jackson has further gone on to say that Microsoft is not at all providing any support to new web standards for Internet Explorer. Though there are websites that work perfectly alright on the platform, still to a large extent, the developers nowadays do not test Internet Explorer. Rather they are testing out on modern browsers. This is why he feels that if they had continued with their earlier approach, one could maximize the things that people already have but they could end up failing to use new applications as and when they come out. There are companies, which have already shifted to a new browser, still, some professions like healthcare keep on having questions about Internet Explorer.

The introduction of Microsoft Edge was made as a succeeding browser for Internet Explorer, which had started off with Windows 10. Microsoft is putting their work on Edge’s Chromium version, which would be available for carrying out tests very soon. This brand new version of Edge is set to make a huge difference for all those who are still holding on to Internet Explorer. The reason is that businesses would be able to install it on some older versions of Windows.

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