Thursday, May 28, 2020
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People Rush To Hospitals On The Back Of Boiling Water Challenge

A new challenge has managed to go viral in the last few weeks, which is known as the boiling water challenge. The challenge is to throw boiling water in the air and then see the water freezing instantly due to very cold weather. The polar vortex has attracted a major part of America and it might well be quite an interesting scientific experiment. Unfortunately, this has caused many people to reach for emergency rooms in hospitals. Eight participants in the challenge have received treatment at the burn center of Loyola University Medical Center in Chicago. All those had suffered injuries to their arms, hand, feet, face along with variable degrees of burns.

People had also gone for treatments at the University of Iowa Burn Treatment Center in Iowa City. Even Minneapolis Hennepin Healthcare had provided treatment to a few people in the recent few weeks. Now, it is not that only those who are throwing the water, have got hurt. People have received burns even while seeing the stunt taking place. There have been instances where parents move outside with their kids. Then the kids out of excitement, step outside and their parents end up throwing the boiling water on them. The wind also played its part in some instances. People would throw up the water and then the wind would blow it back to them. Thus it led people to suffer from scalding injuries on their faces.

The Chairman of emergency medicine at Cook County Health in Chicago, Dr. Jeff Schaider said that when the temperature is below 20, it is not a good idea to have an uncovered skin. Plus, one must avoid water kissing the bare skin as it tends to rapidly increase the process of skin freezing.

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