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Google Tests New AR Feature For Google Maps

Google Tests New AR Feature For Google Maps

The search engine giant, Google is planning to develop a new application for Android as well as for iPhone mobile phones which will help people to get to their destination without getting lost. Though the present application is for mobile phones, it has more promising use for augmented glasses. The glasses which possess augmented reality feature would be able to place digital images in the field of vision of a person.

Back in 2013, Google had come up with the idea but it was simply ahead of its time. During that year Google had to bear many negative remarks regarding the old video filming style and obsolete video cameras, but it never gave up on the idea. According to some of the analysts augmented reality could be the next big revolution which could replace mobile phones in the recent future.

Last year Microsoft had also introduced its users to Hololens version 2.0 and had also launched Magic Leap which is considered as a new glass version for various software developers. The mobile phone giant, Apple is also planning to launch augmented glasses for its mobile handsets later this year.

One of the developers also commented on the latest feature of Google maps where the application helped him to reach his destination while pointing the right direction. At present, the application is only for pedestrians. The application is very helpful for finding the way but great care should also be taken while using the application on a busy road.

The augmented reality project also makes a promise that in the near future, Apple, as well as Google, will be able to tell people what is lying ahead of them in a busy road. This feature would be considered as one of the most remarkable achievements as it would blend in the real world and virtual reality.

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