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Today’s Presidential Candidate Was Once A Member Of Hacker Gang

Today's Presidential Candidate Was Once A Member Of Hacker Gang

Beto O’ Rourke, former Texas congressman and now into the race for President has left people thinking over his statement in which he acknowledged that he was once a part of the oldest computer hackers in the country. The group named the Cult of the Dead Cow enabled the ordinary people to hack computers which had Microsoft Windows in them.

This information had been kept a secret by the members of the group for decades; however more people are now willing to reveal their names in a book which is thought to be published by the Public Affairs in June. It is to be looked upon whether the US would accept a contestant as O’Rourke who has written murder fantasies and had stolen long distance phone lines in order to escape heavy bills.

O’ Rourke said that CDC has influenced his thinking in many ways and one of them being the fight for restoring net neutrality. Hackers in general support net neutrality as it allowed for free flowing information.

O’ Rourke, as a teen, was active in bulletin board systems. It was the online discussion forums at those times. He started his own board, TacoLand, which was mainly about punk music. Soon more members joined and their activities also increased. This was how they found out techniques of escaping the charges of using long distance modem calls. O’Rourke said that his period as a growing hacker has helped him as a software entrepreneur and a press publisher.

He has had some liberal positions in the supporting of abortion rights and opposed the idea of a wall on the Mexican border. The Democrats are not happy with his too friendly approach with the Republicans. However he was able to maintain a political balance so far.

Chris Wysopal, the founder of the tech company-Veracode, said that they needed people like O’Rourke, who came from hacking background with leadership qualities and communication skills.

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