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Huawei Has Received a Gracious Welcome in India

Huawei Has Received a Gracious Welcome in India

Huawei says that the Government of India has embraced them quite gracefully in spite of problems in other areas related to the security of their products. The Huawei India CEO, Jay Chen told that no one in the Indian Government has talked about any kind of problems related to the services offered by Huawei. The company has gone on the defensive mode in recent times. This has happened due to the fact that the Trump Administration has pushed its allies to boycott the use of any equipment from Huawei.

America has made the claims that equipment from Huawei could well be used for carrying out spying activities by China. In response, the company has vehemently denied that their equipment tends to post any kind of risk related to security. Plus, they have also criticized the moves made to shut them out of networks. The company said that just a year back, the Indian Government had invited them to conduct the trials on 5G, in the booming smartphone market of the world. Huawei has already carried out certain initial 5G demonstrations with Airtel and Reliance Jio.

This company from China that deals in selling smartphones along with telecommunications gear talked about their plans of investment in India. As per their statement, they have plans to include new laboratories as well as provide promotional funding for the ecosystem of 5G networks. Jay Chen said that they would look to launch by the year 2020, provided the auctions take place in a successful manner this year. In recent years, top tech companies of the world have looked to make investments in India, purely because of the massive prospect of getting their smartphones sold to the 1.3 billion people of this country. Jay Chen clearly said that Huawei would not like to miss this opportunity.

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