Thursday, December 12, 2019
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Genome of White Shark Decoded That Seems To Cure Cancer

The complete genome of great white sharks has got decoded. The secrets, which remain unlocked over there can carry the answers to the cure for the dreaded disease, cancer along with many other diseases linked with age. A new study has been conducted, the findings of which, have got published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. It basically goes on to explain the fact that mapping of DNA might hold the tricks towards understanding the alterations in genes. These are mostly responsible for evolutionary success, which huge sharks hold along with their long lives.

The Director of NSU’s Save Our Seas Foundation Shark Research Center and GHRI is Dr. Mahmood Shivji. He said in his statement that there was some truly surprising high number of genes carrying genome stability, which contained all the adaptive changes. He further emphasized the fact that, not only these but also there was an enrichment of different types of these genes that highlight the importance of the fine-tuning, which take place in the genetic framework of the White Sharks. The research has also shown that the sharks are quite capable of getting their DNA repaired. There are 41 pairs of chromosomes, which the genome contains. Plus there quite a number of changes based on some specific DNA sequence.

The researchers even found that the genome of great white sharks has the ability to heal wounds quite rapidly, which even include a crucial gene related to blood clots. There is more research required in order to clearly determine if the shark is indeed crucial towards helping human beings solve certain age-old problems. There is a lot to learn as to whether there is a chance to even fight a dreadful disease like cancer as well.

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