Tuesday, June 2, 2020
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China Asks Teachers Not To Use WeChat for Assigning Homework

The education authorities of China are set to take some pressure off the shoulders of parents with the children who go schools. Last week, a proposal was posted by the Education Department in the Eastern Province of Zhejiang in China. It said that there must be a ban on teachers from using WeChat, QQ or any other mobile application for assigning homework or to ask parents for grading the assignments of the students. Rather than making an announcement with regard to homework in class or giving notice to students physically, now the teachers are giving all their assignments on WeChat groups.

There are many teachers, who wish to make use of their power through all these channels in the digital world. They wish to ask parents that they must help their children with problem sets and even provide grades to their homework. Back in the month of October, the Ministry of Education had released a set of national guidelines, which were preceded by the regional call to action. The guidelines basically directed the teachers as well as schools to become more responsible rather than shift all the load to the parents. The guidelines clearly specified that teachers must be accountable for the job they are doing.

In spite of The Government’s conscious effort to relieve stress and get devices unplugged for students, the applications on education have thrived in China. Particularly, there are some apps, which assist students to outperform their peers, have done exceedingly well in the country. Yuanfudao is one such example. It is a Startup that comes up with live courses, preparation for exams and helps while doing homework. The company managed to gain a valuation of $3 billion in its latest round of funding for $300 million, which took place in the month of December.

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