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An Asteroid Of 280FT Is Moving Towards Earth At A Speed Of 30000 MPH

NASA has dubbed an asteroid by the name, Asteroid 2013 MD8, is set to pass by Earth on something known as Earth Close Approach. NASA has put forward their estimates where they believe that the asteroid would go past our planet by this week during the hours on Tuesday afternoon. As it passes by, the asteroid would reach the speeds of almost 13.6km per second to 30,422 miles per hour. Asteroid MD8 happens to be a major example of NEO or Near-Earth Object.

As per the European Space Agency, numerous Near-Earth Asteroids come close to Earth from a distance of 4.6 million miles every month. The space agency noted that these objects are asteroids, also known as comets, which come in different sizes that range from some meters to a number of kilometers. They orbit the Sun and their orbits even come close to the Earth’s orbit. There are more than 600,000 asteroids, present in our Solar System, out of which 16000 happen to be Near-Earth Objects. One example of a NEO or Near-Earth Object is 25143 Itokawa. It is an object, which measures around 300m in diameter. The Japanese spacecraft named Hayabusa had visited this object back in the year 2005.

Asteroid MD8 would not strike the Earth. Still, the kind of close approach it would make with the planet to go with its size and speed is sufficient for NASA to keep track of the space rock. Tomorrow, the asteroid would approach the Earth from a distance of 0.03878 astronomical units, which is 3.6 million miles. As per the orbital calculations from NASA, the space rock had first visited Earth on 5th Feb 1902. The next time, when this asteroid will make its close approach, is on 28th January 2022.

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