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Amazon Launches Alexa Store to Create and Publish Customized Skills

Amazon is presently allowing anyone to create as well as publish the skills of Alexa into the store of Alexa skills. First, Amazon had made it extremely easy to create custom skills in the previous year with their Alexa Skill Blueprints program. Now, they are taking those customized responses and allowing all those to get published in the store for anyone to download and use. Currently, there are more than 80,000 skills of Alexa that exist in the store. The recent announcement shows that the growth will be quite significant with the user-generated customized skills.

Amazon is looking to implement this new function at content creators, brands, businesses, and other organizations. All types of local sports teams, publications will manage to broadcast their recent updates by adding a recorded audio feed URL directly to a blueprint skill and then publish the same on the store. This would allow the users of Alexa to add these up as Flash Briefings, where one can request for the recent information simply by asking Alexa about the news. Bloggers using Word Press with the plugin of Amazon AI will be able to publish their blog posts automatically as audio on Alexa through an RSS feed.

So, Alexa Store will vastly improve the scope for the skills that are blueprint-generated by Amazon. This is because they were all connected to one’s personal Amazon account previously. Currently, any individual can create fun games in the form of trivia and share them with the whole Alexa skill marketplace. It is quite simple as well as accessible to everyone. Plus these skills can be created within minutes. It will be interesting to see exactly how Amazon manages to control the things that are allowed as well as not allowed on their Alexa skill store.

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