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19 States Buy the Raw Milk That Contains Brucella Bacteria

The US CDC or Centres for Disease Control and Prevention has gone on to issue an alert for food safety in 19 states. The alert is regarding raw milk from a farm in Pennsylvania after a resident of New York had got infected with a strain from an antibiotic-resistant of Brucella bacteria. The bacteria results in the dangerous illness of brucellosis. On Friday, the CDC said that the strain was found in a single cow, since it got removed from the milking herd at the food club of Miller’s Biodiversity Farm in Quarryville, Penn.

This particular kind of Brucella has resistance to the first set of drugs and hence can turn out to be quite difficult to diagnose. This is because the testing options are limited and the early symptoms of brucellosis are similar to all those symptoms in case of common illnesses like flu. The CDC went on to urge that anyone who had consumed raw milk or any milk product from Miller’s since the month of January in 2016, to seek advice from a medical expert. Further, they said that consumers must not have milk or any milk product from this particular farm and seek the advice from the doctor, whether or not they suffer from the symptoms.

The first ever infection had taken place last year in November. By 22nd January this year, investigators had managed to trace the milk to those who consumed in different places. The infection in question was the third instance in recent times. The Centres for Disease Control and Prevention even said that in addition to the three confirmed cases, two of which had taken place in August and October 2017, there were hundreds who got potentially exposed to RB51 at the time of these three incidents.

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