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Study Says That Ultra Processed Foods Increases the Risk of Early Death

As per new research from France, the quick grabs that people love are eating away at their mortality one nibble at a time. People face a 14% higher risk of early death with each and every 10% increase in the amount of ultra-processed foods that they have. Ultra-processed foods are manufactured on an industrial basis from multiple ingredients that usually contain additives, used for cosmetic or technological purposes. These foods are most commonly consumed in the form of desserts or ready to eat snacks. Researchers opine that this particular trend might increase the cases of early deaths caused out of chronic illnesses like cancer and cardiovascular disease.

In America, 61% of the total diet of an adult happens to come from ultra-processed foods. A recent study even found that in Canada, the rate is 62% and in the United Kingdom, it is 63%. For understanding the link between ultra-processed foods and the risk of early death, the researchers had taken the assistance of 44,551 French adults, who were 45 years and older for a two-year period. Everyone provided a whole day’s dietary record for every six months to go with the questionnaires related to their health and physical activities. The ultra-processed foods managed to account for more than 14% of the weight of total food consumed and around 29% of total calories.

Nurgul Fitzgerald, an associate professor in the Department of Nutritional Sciences at Rutgers has a recommendation. He said that people should not only take a look at the front of a package as and when they buy ready-made meals but also at the back. One should have a look at the list of ingredients and then buy only those products containing the least number of ingredients.

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