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Apple Has Worked On Unlocking Cars through Biometrics

To unlock one’s car through a key has become an outdated thing. If one has the right car, then he or she can already make use of their smartphone to act like a car key. Hyundai is already set for releasing a vehicle later in the year, which anyone can unlock with a fingerprint. Presently, it looks that Apple is putting their work on a system, which will allow drivers to gain access to their vehicles through biometrics.

There has been a patent recently published, which is called by the name of System and Method for Vehicle Authorization. It basically describes the mobile biometric authentication technology, which could see Face ID used for securing cars. Now, this particular technology can literally pave the way for having separate accounts for users on a vehicle. Plus, it would have individual settings for music, the positioning of seats and also to control the climate. All these things would be initiated by the who drives the car only through approaching the vehicle. So basically, if this technology does go on to become a reality, then the environment for vehicles can get customized in different manners according to the person who drives the vehicle.

Though the patent had got published just a couple of days back, the actual filing was done back in February 2017. In the last two years, a lot of things have changed for Apple. The change has especially come up around their efforts on self-driving vehicles. Now, there is no clarity as to whether the patent that has got published, represents an active project. It could also be a scenario, similar to a number of tech companies, where Apple might just be trying to get in there with the appropriate paperwork. Through this, they might be looking to keep their ideas secured for the time to come.

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