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The Claims from Jeff Bezos Put National Enquirer under New Legal Issues

National Enquirer’s publisher is facing questions. It is related to the violation of an agreement to cooperate with federal prosecutors. This comes after the Jeff Bezos had alleged that the tabloid tried to blackmail him. Friday saw another revelation coming through. Sources said that the federal prosecutors with the Southern District of New York are taking a look into the conduct of the publisher, American Media Inc. There is an agreement at stake that the American Media Inc. had entered into, with federal prosecutors back in the year 2016. The AMI had paid former Playboy model Karen McDougal $150,000 for suppressing her claims of having an affair with Trump.

The agreement with regard to non-prosecution is very broad. It includes language except AMI, from getting committed into any criminal activity for three years. Now, this can make it very easy for prosecutors to identify the kind of laws that had been violated by AMI in their dealings with Bezos. Jeff Tsai is a former Federal Prosecutor. He stated the primary reason behind the agreement for moving away from getting AMI prosecuted. According to him, the reason was that prosecutors had seen some value. The value is related to what the investigation would receive through the facts coming through from AMI and Mr. Pecker.

AMI said that they did not do anything illegal. Despite this, the language used in their agreement might not work to their advantage. Rather, it could give prosecutors much more advantage over the company that carries out the investigation into the associates of Trump. The former federal prosecutor, Glenn Kopp also came up with a statement. He said that once anyone has an agreement with the government specifying that one cannot commit crimes, then the government is bound to be quite sensitive towards allegations.

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